There are a lot of changes going on in the Canadian health system and in those from different countries around the World. During this big period of stress, we, as health professionals, tend to forget our main purpose, which is taking care of our patients.

We need to get back to the old time where a health professional could sit down, listen to his patient, find the solution, refer him to the right resources and pursuing the goal to heal him or to decrease the burden of his sickness upon his relatives.

In our pharmacy, a patient is not another number, another basket of pills, another dispill, another pharmaceutical act. He is a real person, with real problems and we are eager to help him in his journey through the health system and to have a better quality of life in spite of his sickness.

That’s the reason we became pharmacists.
That’s the reason we collaborate with the other health care professionals.
That the reason we would like to be your community pharmacy among your health care team.

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