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The New Way to stay healthy and safe.

Mon Pharmacien Independant welcome you to our newly opened personal, caring and affordable community pharmacy in Montreal west (NDG).



You are always able to count on our friendly expertise and availability. We provide thorough & professional advice in-store, over the phone and, for more in-depth consultations, in the privacy and comfort of your own home.
We promptly and efficiently transfer, renew and prepare your prescriptions.


Trusted by many resident and visitors to  Montreal. We aim to be Montreal’s number one ( #1 ) Pharmacy For Personal  ( 1 to 1 ) Care

Visit us today and come experience a new kind of pharmacy.

Who We Are”

Welcome to YOUR pharmacy where you will find a team dedicated to help you in your journey to have a better quality of life.

As a team member of your health practitioners, we will be able to advocate for your health, to help you navigate through the health system, to ensure that you have the right treatment you deserve.

We will be available to inform you on your medication, to help  you manage your side-effects, to help you in your choice of natural products.

You can always count on us to listen to your request, to help you find your answers.

You will always be the center of our services. As we grow in the years to come, we will make sure that the quality of the services you received in this pharmacy remain the best experience of your life.

Let us prove it to you.

Feel free to contact us.